100 Days of Songwriting

Starts January 21, 2019

Every day for 100 days do some act of songwriting and share your work on our private Facebook Group. Lyrics, instrumental, and beats are all welcome. Some people post photos and video of their daily work. Others post a link from sites like Soundcloud or Youtube. You can also just check in and say what you did. It’s completely up to you.

You must post recent work (today’s work or maybe yesterday’s). This is not a place for polished songs to promote yourself or get feedback. There are plenty of other groups for that.

In order to ensure that this is a safe place for everyone to explore their craft we all agree to some basic ground rules for participation. Please read through them all. Then decide if this group is a good fit for you.

Ground rules for participation

  1. Absolutely no critiquing during the 100 days. And please don’t ask for feedback either. There will be a chance for constructive feedback after the 100 days is over. You are welcome to share words of encouragement like, “I can feel the emotion in this one,” or “Nice metaphor!” NOT: “You should turn the bass up,” or “there’s too much reverb.”

  2. When commenting on someone else’s share speak from your own experience. We’re all equals here. Advice giving is not welcome.

  3. Please be respectful of all people.

Creating Your Own Rule

I encourage you to make a rule for yourself. It’s not required, but having some limits might make it feel less daunting.

For example, my first 100 day rule was to either record 4 bars of instrumental music, or one lyric line. I liked that okay, but then I found myself spending 4 hours on 4 bars of music. I couldn’t sustain that. I have a 3 year old. So I changed it to a time limit of 20 minutes. So far that seems to work better for my situation.

For you it could be totally different. Be easy on yourself and change it if it’s not working. It could be as little as thinking about a song and posting, “hey I thought about a song idea today”. Or it could be writing an entire song every day. Come up with something you think you can commit to for 100 days, and don’t worry if you overcommit.

My hope is to make this as fun and nurturing of an experience as possible. Use your best judgement with all of this and don’t hesitate to reach out for clarification or moderation help.

See you out there!

Rigel Thurston (Facilitator)

Rigel Thurston (Facilitator)